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Urban Dictionary: soccer

Get a soccer mug for your Uncle Jerry. ... An old British nickname for Football,NOT an American one.It comes from the phrase Association ...

Urban Dictionary: bad skin

When someone it’s very spotty or has acne their skin is bad.

Urban Dictionary: meta

In real life changes to gamerules are usually to make the game more interesting (soccer rules change for offside, usage of time compensation in some courses)

Urban Dictionary: diligence

As a lawyer, I always act in due care, diligence and skill for the interest of my clients.

Urban Dictionary: Candice

Great sense of humor and has ramp suit skin, hard to offend and slow to anger.

Urban Dictionary: hickey

A usually dark-colored skin mark left on any part of after for a long period of time.

Urban Dictionary: packed

1) I was playin' soccer the other day, and Harry kicked the ball and packed me in the face with it!

Urban Dictionary: A Karen

The bitchy soccer mom of her friend group that nobody likes.

Urban Dictionary: Soy Boy

They can be commonly found on the slang-dictionary site, UrbanDictionary.com, karma bombing any post that their fragile boypussy can't handle.

Urban Dictionary: docking

Alone in their personal sauna at home, Josh and Wayne glued their dicks together with a little skin and spooge and made love to each other's cock all night long...ahhh the joys of docking.